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We at Advanced Computer Solutions understand that business's, particularly in the small to medium sector, are putting more and more of their critical business systems on networks. The rapid rise of e-commerce, initially e-mail and Internet access and now online trading, has added a new dimension and must be integral to a company's network strategy.


By networking your computer systems it allows you easy access to hardware and software with higher security of data throughout your company. Networks also allow you to work more efficiently with ease and speed. At Advanced Computer Solutions we supply and carry out cabling work and set up the computer systems to your specified requirements.


Big or small, no matter what size your business, we are certain we can provide you with a network solution to meet your needs. Now with a wide range of networking products and solutions Advanced Computer Solutions are the one stop answer to networking.

Wireless communication is the future, each day 150,000 new individuals turn to wireless solutions to better meet their telecommunication network needs. Now there is over 200 million users world-wide that have implemented a wireless LAN solution.

At Advanced Computer Solutions we aim to keep ahead of breaking technologies providing wireless network solutions for businesses large and small. The wireless revolution can make your business more flexible and efficient. Below are details of some of the products and services we offer in this area.


With wireless LAN, you avoid the
high cost of installing land lines, monthly leased-line cost, and the costs associated with frequent
moves, adds and changes.


There are no site licenses to obtain, cables to run or trenches to dig. With wireless LAN, you can be transmitting data in a fraction of the time needed to install a wired connection.


With no constraining wiring infrastructure, you can add or relocate workstations at will.


Users can roam because wireless LAN allows access to network data any time, anywhere.


Wireless LAN provides a smooth migration path to future technologies.

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